Friday, December 18, 2009

What the hell is wrong with my sister?my niece just turned 9 and my sis took her to get her hair highlighted!?

thats not the first crazy thing... last year she started buying her bras!!! my niece is completely flat not even mosquito bites. im 21 and so disappointed with my sister.What the hell is wrong with my sister?my niece just turned 9 and my sis took her to get her hair highlighted!?
My 9 %26amp; 11yr olds dye their hair once in a while just for fun. They've also been given 'training' bras. What's wrong with that?

Seeing as how they aren't your kids you need to back off and quit being so judgemental.

Alien cat - just because my girls wear bras doesn't mean they don't climb trees and ride their bikes! LOLWhat the hell is wrong with my sister?my niece just turned 9 and my sis took her to get her hair highlighted!?
i did a lot worse. i was dating at 10 and havin sex at 12. so i dont think coloring hair is so bad. i dont regret wat i did tho. i like it.
now a days kids r born they should know how to walk at birth, at 1 know how to run, 2 know how to read, 3 know how to bath dress and cook for themselves, 4 be ready for the work force 5 they should be allowed dye their hair gray to fit in with the other students in kindergarten. anyways that's to young but like some said its better than what some is letting there kids do. the schools don't help either in letting kids be kids. because my 6 year old likes Dora shes considered immure for kindergarten
I have an older sister like yours! She was - and still is - totally sexualizing her daughter and having her grow up way too fast. You can't really do anything, it's not worth saying anything to her...

When my sister got my niece's underhair ( I don't know the word for that style) dyed dark - and she has real natural blonde/platinum long hair - I was totally stunned and just told her politely that I really preferred her natural color.
it does seem rather strange. Talk to your sister calmly and explain why you think this is not quite appropriate
mind ur own business and ur sis can do whatever she wants
I think you're making entirely too a big a deal of this. For starters, there are many 9 year old girls who DO need to wear bras (I teach 3rd grade). There's nothing wrong with buying a girl a training bra. It's a rite of passage for your girls, and it can be a nice bonding experience between a mother and her daughter to go bra shopping for the first time. As for getting her hair highlighted, again, I see nothing wrong with it. It's fun and harmless. You wouldn't question your sister if she got her daughter's hair cut or bought her new underwear. Why would you question her on these other issues? There are far too many other battles to be fought when raising daughters to let these harmless things get in the way of what's really important.
Number 1, you don't have to have boobs to need a bra. There comes a point, no pun intended, that it feels better to have a bra on because of nipple sensitivity. There's also times where nipples can show through clothing because of their color and if you get cold or have naturally erect nipples.

I dyed my daughter's hair a couple of years ago for Halloween - it was a temporary dye but it was permanent on her. BRIGHT PINK. And she looked GORGEOUS - and she LOVED it. She got constant compliments and I'll be honest: she doesn't get many - her little sister gets them. This really helped her a lot and the school counselor even agreed that I was okay in letting it ';stay';.

Why are you worried about bras and hair?
I agree with you. Let her be a child. Children are made into sexual beings far too early. When I was 9 I still went out to play on my bike and climbed trees.
At nine years old she should be in something around the third or fourth grade.

And lot of girls I went to school with back in grade school got their hair fully dyed and nowadays perhaps that is just the thing. Be thankful that it wasn't dyed fully.

As for the bra thing, I don't know.
When I was 9, I wore bras, I was slightly more developed than your neice but. Training bras, sports bras at that age are fine. Some girls feel uncomforatable not wearing one.

As for getting hair highlighted, thats no big deal, its hair. Its not like she took her to get her belly button pierced. No guy is going to be like ';Nice hair, want to date?';
I think 9 is far too young to get highlights in her hair as well. A bra at 9 when not needed seems unnecessary as well. However, it is your sisters child so she can do what she sees fit to do even if you don't agree with her. Keep in mind one day you may have kids so would not appreciate her telling you what you should or shouldn't be doing so just keep your opinions to yourself.
Nothing you can do - it's not your kid. you'll just have to try nd be a normal role model whenever you can. It saddens me, too, when people are so frantic to rush their kids into growing up rather than let them enjoy being kids.
every parent has the right to allow stuff like that. It is her right as a mom, even if it isnt the best choice. I always say it could be worse.

At least high lights will grow out and a good haircut can fix the damage. But some parents allow under age tatoos and even facial peircings.

So I wouldnt worry about it to much, It could be worse.

At least she didnt dye her hair purple pink green or black
well the bra thing might be the fact that she is wanting to be ready for when she does start needing a bra- which i never knew anyone that did it that early. As far as the highlighting- that is completely rediculious- a 9 year old has so many changing hormones that it could come out wrong and can damage the hair for not being mature enough to handle- my sis is a beautician. Anywho I just hope that she is not starting a trend with her daughter that will make her think she will always get what she wants.
Who is providing the roof over your nieces head and the food she eats. Your niece is your sister's child not your's. Your sister gets to call the shots.
My daughter is 9 and has very dark brown hair, we had it frosted blonde when she was 8, she was making her First Holy Communion, but a friend of mine did it for free, it makes her hair and face light up. She also has been wearing bras for a few years but she also has a bust. She also wears Mini Pads because she is going through the hormonal changes.
my daughters 7 and got highlights for her birthday, i think its a nice time with mother and daughter and they look great, i see nothing wrong, and shes 7 and has bra's they have to ware them why not start it at an early age? but my daughter is not completely flat either, lol so i do see what you mean on that! but they are little women and yeah it seems like it makes them grow fast but they are still little girls they just are into different things than we were at 7-10years old.
My daughter has a few bras, and she's 6. She just wears them when she's wearing a shirt that has lace or something that bugs her.

I don't think highlighting is bad, now if she was dying all of her hair, it might be. Hair is dead anyway, but if she was dying it, the dye could damage her scalp.

When she starts buying her thongs and taking her to get her belly button pierced, then it's time to worry!
how arae we pose to know bout ur sister

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