Thursday, December 31, 2009

Should I wet my hair when I highlight it or leave it dry?

in the instructions it says to put it on unwashed dampened, towel dried hair, but my hair is really curly when its wet. i wear my hair straight and i was wondering if i could put the highlighting creme on my hair while its dry and see if it'll still work. because if i put it on when its curly i wont really know what its going to look like once its straight. the only way i can get it how i want it is if i do it when its straight and dry.

will it still work?Should I wet my hair when I highlight it or leave it dry?
When you wet your hair the cuticle soaks in the water that is why we are told to soak our hair before going in the pool because it stops the hair from absorbing the chlorine. If your hair is wet when you highlight it the hair will not absorb the dye. Keep it dry!!Should I wet my hair when I highlight it or leave it dry?
I know I'm probably not an expert on this because I have straight hair. In the directions it applies to all hair types, but on the otherhand you could just call a hair salon and ask their opinion (call a couple to make sure). Hair is a tricky thing and you have to ask questions, I'm glad you asked this because it could have been a disaster. Hope that helped :)
It will absolutely work best when the hair is dry! Are you pulling it thru a cap? Dry is best. Otherwise, you can separate the hair with foil that you put the creme on to keep it from the other hair. (place the hair strands to color on the foil, apply the color, then wrap it up)
your hair must be dry!

your hair looks DARKER when its wet %26amp; the chemicals wont work properly.
Leave it dry. Highlights are hard when you have curly hair. Straight and dry is fine, Good Luck. =]
It needs to be some what dirty and dry. Straighten your dirty hair and highlight it then,
Don't wash it, it will work better that way.
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