Thursday, December 31, 2009

Which hair colour highlights shuould i go for?

hi,i hav very dark brown hair and striking light brown eyes.

i want to get my hair streaked.

which colour should i go for?Which hair colour highlights shuould i go for?
Depends on the dramaticness you want to go, I would say go with either a blonde or a carmel color, this will help to bring out your eyes as well!Which hair colour highlights shuould i go for?
blonde highlights
maybe a redish color or a dark blonde, or both would look good.
don't get it streaked that's gotta be one of the worst hairdos. put some lemon juice in your hair and sit in the sun. Why on earth would you want stripes in your hair? go subtle at least, nothin' funnier than ladies walking around with streaked hair.

Although to be fair i have seen it done well. not very often.

but in the end it is your hair, i don't have to wear it...:)
I suggest 2-3 carefully-picked colors. But make the streaks subtle so it blends in with your hair more.

That way your striking / beautiful / stunning / gorgeous / lovely / attractive / cute / sexy / alluring / did i miss one? light brown eyes can still stand out.
goldish brown...many ppl also have red highlights with dark hair...also try blonde...and caramel will bring ur eyes out! Hope I helped.
A light red would be cool.
if your hair is dark you can only get it so light. you need to talk about it with you rstylist to make sure she is comfortable doing what you want.
You should get a couple thin streaks of a very pale but saturated blue. Especially near the bangs.
blond, if you are wanting to go traditional. However, I've seen ladies with red highlights - that was also attractive.
Go for a blonde - unless you want some crazed color (i have red in my blonde hair right now). And I wouldn't streak it - I would chunk some blonde out. I bet your dark hair makes your eyes pop - right? So keep the color away from your face to keep your eyes popping - unless it is a color that you would think looks better with your complexion/eyes - then I would frame out your face.

If you want a crazy color - you could always put the color under the top layer of your hair - this serves two purposes. 1. you can hide the color if you have to do anything professional and wear your hair down. 2. As your color grows out - you won't have to touch it up right away because your roots can't be seen. (I like to grow my color out - after a while it looks like I just colored my tips - which can be fun)
like a caramel
hints of auburn are always nice
yellow/light blonde. then ppl could call you queen bee and worship you ;^)

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