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What exactly are the risks of dying or highlighting your hair while pregnant?

I'm 12 weeks pregnant and have heard that hair dye is bad for the baby. Well I have a wedding coming up in June in which I am a bridesmaid, and I need to have my roots touched up before then. But since highlighting doesn't touch the scalp, how is it dangerous? I don't need guilt trips about being selfish, because I've been a model expectant mother since finding out I was pregnant. Are there any safe methods for touching up my roots?What exactly are the risks of dying or highlighting your hair while pregnant?
Some dyes are not bad, I know actually 12 weeks into it you are allowed to dye but only certain dyes, you have to be careful of the chemicals in the dye, ask your doctor and just be sure to follow her directions exactly. It is def. allowed.What exactly are the risks of dying or highlighting your hair while pregnant?
Well not really, if you really want to, i would recommend the Loreal 'Pulse' Temporary hair color or any temporary hair color, one with low chemicals, also make sure to have a VERY well ventilated room when doing it, to get better results, have some one do it for you.. (that you trust, wouldnt hurt to go get it done by a pro.)
Hair care during pregnancy

Hair care products, such as dyes, straighteners, and permanents have not been shown to cause any problems for the fetus, either with a professional job or a store -bought kit. There also is no evidence that cosmetics and other personal care products affect pregnancy.

Hair color

Since the protein of your hair changes during pregnancy, you may get a different color than you are used to.

Type of dye

Because oil-based paints and paint thinners contain a number of aromatic solvents, exposure to these products should be limited or avoided, particularly during the first trimester. Brief exposure to water-based paints in a well-ventilated area should not pose a significant risk.

What physicians recommend

Often, many physicians advise holding off coloring hair with permanent dyes during the first trimester when your baby is undergoing important neurological developments. Coloring can then be resumed in the second or third trimester.

What hairdressers recommend

While there is little in the way of scientific information on the safety of perming or relaxing your hair during pregnancy, perhaps the most convincing evidence against the their use comes directly from hairdressers. Most say that because pregnancy hormones frequently interfere with, or even change, the way your hair reacts to perm or relaxing solutions, you could easily end up with a look that is quite opposite of what you expected. Hair can get frizzy or straight instead of curly, or kinky and frizzy instead of straight. So forget the perm or straightening for now - and opt for a style that's easy to manage without the extra chemical treatments.

Hope I Helped!
i just dyed my sisters hair for her a couple of weeks ago and she's pregnant. i asked her the same question. she said her doctor told her that used to be true in the old days, when hair dye was a lot more harsh. now days they dont put all those chemicals into the dye know, the whole revolution of making dye thats ';not as bad'; for your hair. just make sure you're in a well ventilated room, like some of the others said. we had all the windows open when i did my sises hair. good luck!
the chemicals in the dye can affect the baby
It's not bad for the baby as long as you're not inhaling it. Just make sure you're in a well ventilated area.

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