Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What is the best over the couter Blonde hair dye/highlights to use?

I am already a natural blonde but it's very dark blonde and I wanted to brighten it up some for summer. My hair usually always picks up the blonde in dye and not the red so that is not a worry of mine. i just want it to look like a pretty natural blonde. NOT BLEACH BLONDE! I also usually get it highlighted but I don't have the time or money right now. So if anyone has a good reccomendation please let me know.What is the best over the couter Blonde hair dye/highlights to use?
Normally I'd say absolutely not, but since you're already blonde you have less chance of looking brassy or ruining your hair.

Honestly I'd have to say go to Sally's, get a cap, and a packet of bright white and mix your own bleach and have a friend pull it through a cap for you.

This way you can monitor the time and placement and amount of blonde without having to use shotty over the counter dye that is so generic because it's supposed to work on ';everybody'; and you carry more risk.

Not to mention the ';paint on'; highlights can gop and droop and i've seen more then enough gals in my salon that are totally a wreck because of them. NOT a good idea. You're absolutely lucky if you get it turn out natural and even.

Definitely a better idea to mix your own and it's really not that hard (the girls there can direct you how much to use) AND it's generally the same price if not cheaper!

:)What is the best over the couter Blonde hair dye/highlights to use?
Loreal are good. Go for a light ash blonde.
My hair is dark blonde as well, and a few weeks ago I did my own highlights using Clairol Hairpainting. You mix up the stuff yourself and paint on the highlights as thick as you want them. You can put as many as you want and leave it in for different times depending on how light you want to go.

It's great because you don't have to worry about having roots, because when your hair grows the highlights blend in naturally. I left the stuff in for about 40 minutes and it really brightened me up without looking fake at all. I put in a bunch of really skinny highlights all over.

Plus, its cheap. $7 a box, I think. Much easier and cheaper than going to a salon, and its easy to maintain!
loreal hun.

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