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What Colour Highlight Would Go Good With Black Hair? Super EASY 10 Points.!!?

What Colour Highlight Would Go Good With Black Hair?

im just wondering what colour highlights i should get for my hair.

if it really matters my hair is black, and i have a side fringe and my hair is sholder length.

im think bout either red or light brown?

which should i get?

thick or thin highlights?

should i do it myself or at a salon? [note im low on money. =[ ]

any suggestions?

Cheers.!!What Colour Highlight Would Go Good With Black Hair? Super EASY 10 Points.!!?
1.)Blacks great to contrast. I'd say go for red. Either just buy a packet dye for a natural colour, or Special Effects for unnatural. Brown highlights on black never go nicely - its best left for highlights and lowlights on brown or blonde hair.

2.) Thicker highlights usually look better. Don't get them on the top layer of your hair because that presents a few issues:

- One, you will get bad regrowth that you will be able to see easily.

- Two, you can get away with not only less highlights (being cheaper), upkeep is easier considering they have to have a lot of regrowth before you can see it.

- Three, it looks a LOT less tacky.

3.) For red, thats very easily done yourself. When you bleach your hair without toning it as you may know it goes a yellow copper colour, which are colours in red anyways. If you think your up for the job, grab a bud and streak the underneath layers of your hair and leave the top one be. So - bleach it until a medium coppery colour, rinse out well and apply you're red dye. If your looking kind of natural, Try Feria which has some vibrant reds.. if unnatural go for Special Effects colours.

Suggestions... don't leave the bleach on for more than neccessary, your hair will tun to jelly. pretty much. Be careful about the dye, it can get messy! Keep in mind layered hair always looks way better with streaks underneath it so they can show through.

If you want brown, i'd say go to a salon because its quite a bit harder to acheive than red. Good luck!What Colour Highlight Would Go Good With Black Hair? Super EASY 10 Points.!!?
I once did the red dye over my black hair and got like a pretty auburn,

it looked really great. I mean the red-headed dye - not the color red!!

Unless that is what you want to try.

The brown won't do too much as it won't be too noticeable.

Do thin highlights all over, try doing it yourself.
I actually think that either a dark red/burgundy looks amazing or, my first thought was a really deep blue. Believe it or not, it's really pretty. And I would do it yourself and maybe do thicker highlights at the bottom of your hair and thinner ones at the top. Good luck!
red light brown and black look really really good together :)

and get lots of thin highlights spreadout everywere.

definately get it done at a salon, home jobs can be really dodgy sometimes (from expreiance).

you should save up and get a really good job done :)
Red! the cool punk kind that you do yourself! Thin, maybe on the bottoms only, like a fringe. Then you don't have to worry about it growing out.
i got highlights.

And i have black hair and i did light brown and dark reddish and a little golden blonde.

it mixed reeally well together.
redish brown
i have black hair and a couple of purple streaks but i reckon hot pink would look madd

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