Saturday, December 26, 2009

Is it bad that I highlighted my hair with a permanet marker?

I wanted black highlights and I have like 30 premanet markers and I decided what the hey?!? But it comes out when I wash it which is good I geuss I just re-apply it when I wake up.Is it bad that I highlighted my hair with a permanet marker?
Honestly it wouldn't cost that much to go to a semi-decent place just for the front sides or whatever.

damnnnn they are rippin' on ya. lol

You can always try those herbal essence highlighting kits (or whatever brand) at walmart, cvs, walgreens, etc. i mean you've already had practice with the

but those kits do work pretty good.Is it bad that I highlighted my hair with a permanet marker?
No not really after a few washes it'll go away and it damages your hair but very little.
Well my opinion is that you should stop think about it you have to keep reaplaying and it damages your hair and doesn't look great. Think about other cheap options. Good Luck with that!
I have purple(dyed of course) hair, and when it starts to fade sometimes I color strands with sharpies. My hair doesn't have any major damage, and I haven't had the strands I've colored fall out or anything, so I suppose it's alright. You could get a semi-permanent dye (stays in 3-6 weeks)- they don't have bleach in them, so it's not terrible for your hair, and it's probably better than permanent markers.
No its bad.The marker will damage your hair,permanently!
it's perfectly fine to that, but if you have to re apply it every time you wash your hair then why don't you just get it temporally streaked.?

Sorry, but even I, a 13 year old is not that stupid.

Yes its bad, so yes stop doing it. Thats one of the stupidest things I've heard about people doing to their hair. If you want your hair to dry out, frizz, and look TERRIBLE...go ahead and keep ';highlighting'; your hair!
dude are you on crack or something.
I agree with some previous answers here... It sounds really inconvenient having to do that every morning... What I would suggest is to just dye it. Besides the markers might contain dangerous chemicals that can harm your hair, etc. So I think it's better to just dye it. :)
I think it's smart and cheap, and you didn't do ur whole head did u juss highlights... i geuss its ok...

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