Saturday, December 26, 2009

Want to highlight hair? help?

ok so i have dark reddish hair, it looks brownish red, and i want to get blonde highlights, i have thick longish hair, like it goes maybe an inch or something beyond my shoulders, i want the blonde highlights kinda all over, im not sure yet and i want to go to the ulta salons, how much would it be? i would like a price range?Want to highlight hair? help?
At the salon I go to. It costs $120 for the first time and then $95 for the roots to be done after that.

Other salons can be up to double that.Want to highlight hair? help?
It depends where you go. Around $70.
At most salons, highlighting starts at $75. I think Ulta has coupons for discounts once in a while in the Sunday newspaper or you could check for any printable ones you could use.

It will look really pretty when you get it done!
for highlights... about 40$ - 75$

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