Saturday, December 26, 2009

Special ';goo'; to highlight hair!! HELP!?

i heard that there is this special highlighting stuff that puts blonde into your hair, but it will fade. it's used on a lot of red hair, and it is not bleach. does anyone know what i'm talking about? it's green colored too, if that helps. if it works, i would like to try it. thanks!Special ';goo'; to highlight hair!! HELP!?
If I were you I would go to your local salon and have them perform the services that you would like..b/c if you just go to a store and buy things to color your hair you may permanently damage your hair follicles and it will cost you double the money to fix it at a salonSpecial ';goo'; to highlight hair!! HELP!?
The only way to make your hair lighter is to bleach out its natural color.

They do use green-based color to counteract color which is too red, but that doesn't lighten it at all.

This sounds like a product that is designed to do both of these things. Products like that are usually convenient but end up damaging the hair more than using the correct product.

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