Friday, December 18, 2009

Best shampoo and conditioner for highlighted hair?

Well I have had my hair highlighted twice so far, so its pretty much from brown to blonde hair now....I was wondering which shampoo and conditioner will keep my blonde looker brighter longer while preserving the color...I've tried Blonde Glam by Redken and just recently KMS. They are ok but I want something that will keep my blonde bright even right before I go back to the salon...any suggestions? (I prefer salon professional products) Thanks!Best shampoo and conditioner for highlighted hair?
Alterna has great products, don't forget to get a product to remove build up of styling products that also causes your hair to look dull and weighs it down a product like Malibu Gel Treatment or Ion Crystal Treatment. You can also use baking soda in your shampoo or vinegar rinse then shampoo, you choose, but they both work for me and I have 3 different colors on my hair. A bluing shampoo works good to keep your hair bright if you have blonde,silver highlights.

Good LuckBest shampoo and conditioner for highlighted hair?
Panteen.For color treated hair.
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