Saturday, December 26, 2009

Will this give my hair natural highlights?

I heard that putting lemon juice in your hair and then sitting in the sun helps get it sun-bleached. Would it help if I put lemon juice in my shampoo and went in the sun through-out the day?Will this give my hair natural highlights?
Yes it should but you need to condition your hair as it dries it out. It should be very sunny for it to work.

As to the second question: no. shampoo is designed to remove dirt and impurities which would include the lemon juice. Maybe juice in conditioner as this coats each hair in a layer of oil to make hair more shiny. Try it: it may work.Will this give my hair natural highlights?
they sell spray at the store that does the same thing as you sit out in the sun but it also conditions your hair,

They sell it at all drug stores not sure what it's called but youll be able to find it its a blue/or pink bottle with a girl on the beach on it and its in the hair care isle.
for a start, lemon juice dries out the hair, so i wouldn't reccomend that anyway. the sun naturally lightens your hair and brings out natural highlights, so back away from the lemon juice!
i would think it would

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