Saturday, December 26, 2009

Should i highlight my hair a dark blonde?

im a dark chocolaty brunette with shoulder length curly hair that i straighten almost once a weekShould i highlight my hair a dark blonde?
yea it should look great, and when you leave your hair curly it'll define your curls too :)Should i highlight my hair a dark blonde?
If you want. And by the by everyone who answered mean things, I have dyed my hair purple, red (not all of it,) and it was baby bonde last week,and I just dyed it dark caramel brown, and it's not dead, and it looks fabulos. My real color is DARK DARK blonde
no. i think dyed hair is so ugly. it completely ruins hair, yours is probably gorgeous
I don't think you should. If you highlight your hair it will damage it. Your hair look great still without it.

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