Thursday, December 31, 2009

Why are home hair straightening kits not recommended for use on highlighted hair?

I have highlighted hair and I'm sick of straightening it every day. I really fancy trying one of the Boots home hair straightening kits but noticed that it is not recommended for use on highlighted hair. I just wondered why this is? Does it just mean it could make the hair dry and unhealthy or will it react and turn my hair green or something?!Why are home hair straightening kits not recommended for use on highlighted hair?
Because the highlighter will have already stripped so much of your hairs health, if you add more chemicals it could really suffer.

Go to a hairdressers for advice, and if you are using irons everyday, make sure you use a good heat protcter first!Why are home hair straightening kits not recommended for use on highlighted hair?
your hair will prob snap off the bleach makes your hair brittle anyway an the straightening kits are full of chemicals to. to much for your hair to handle
I used this recently, and it did seem to work quite good, although it did dry my hair out quite a bit.

My hair is dark brown (dyed) and it stripped some of the colour from my hair.

I think it's probably due to the extent to which it dries your hair out.
cause highlighted straight hair is sooooo tacky
probably because it would be bad for your hair.

I used to peroxide my hair and it strips it of the nutrients..and if you use the home straightening kits i'd imagine they would strip it even more..leaving you with dry..damaged and unhealthy hair..mind you straightening it everyday is just as bad as the heat can damage the hair shaft....i stopped dying and straightening my hair as it started falling out!!! Now i take real care of it!
Will make your hair dry and brittle, but if you use the right products shouldn't be too bad.
for the first person that answered: highlighted hair is not tacky!!!!!! unless you died yours ******* green or blue you idiot!!!
The chemicals you use in highlighting kits react with the chemicals in straightening kits and could not only cause your hair to break but could in extreme cases cause it to fall out.

Grow out your highlights then straighten. Good luck
You've already answered your own dont know the effects of doing it at home . Your hair may have a chemical reaction and turn green or you could over process it meaning you could get some of the straightening creme on the highlighted hair causing BREAKAGE,BREAKAGE AND MORE BREAKAGE..if you want to keep your hair on your head and healthy...

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