Thursday, December 31, 2009

Can you highlight over highlighted hair?

Hello, :] I have highlighted my hair like a blonde-ish, light brown-ish kind of color about 4 months ago. (I have dark brown hair by the way) And I haven't highlighted my hair since. I want to highlight my hair again now, but another color this time. I want to color it like a purple-ish--burgundy kinda color. Will it come out terribly if I highlight my hair again? I still have the old highlights on my hair, surprisingly. lol.

And what is the best highlighting kit to use at home, for a more natural look? I am not going to use the color that goes with the kit, I just need the tools. Thanks you guys!! :)Can you highlight over highlighted hair?
I got tips of ash blonde and chocolate brown and before they grew out entirely i went over the top with heaps of bright blonde and it turned out fine :)Can you highlight over highlighted hair?
i dont think a purple-ish burgundy is you have dark brown hair the color you want is going to come out no matter what type of dye you use...though i highly recommend that you go to a professional salon and have them do it for you than for you to do it yourself at home. The color will turn out better, stay in longer, and wont fade. About your already highlighted hair...its going to be difficult to get your blonde--ish light brown-ish hair to turn the purple-ish burgundy that you want since it is lighter and will not hold in the the color as well as your natural dark brown hair would. But i GUARANTEE that if you go to an actual salon that you can tell them exactly what type of color you want. They will even bring out a chart for you to pick out the exact shade that you want. Good luck hope that this helped ;)
no, maybe a little bit of the previous color will show through, but it'll look pretty! when you get it re-done the second time, no more color will show through.

answer mine please?;鈥?/a>
no, i've done it before.

the contrast between the blondes and reds is great.

conair products, or garnier have some kits for a cheap price.

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