Thursday, December 31, 2009

Will my professionally done highlights hair color fade?

i got my hair done yesterday i went from blonde to dark brunette... will the color wash out or fade if it was done with permanent professional dye?Will my professionally done highlights hair color fade?
Dye may still wash out of your hair during your next few hairwashes. The color will lighten a little as time goes by, but it will last a long while. You'll have to deal with your roots growing out much earlier than you have to worry about your hair color fading. I've had highlights that stay in for a year or two.Will my professionally done highlights hair color fade?
Probably. Had you had your hair colored before yesterday? If not, then you had ';virgin'; hair and the color will take really well. If you have colored your hair before, then your current color will fade faster. I recommend getting shampoo and conditioner specifically for hair that has been colored. That will slow the fading process.
no it shouldn't fade. with color treated hair you can get special shampoo for the color you dyed it so it keeps the color longer

so get a shampoo for brunettes :]
if itz permanent then its permanent
It will eventually fade as your hair grows longer.
Unfortunately it will it's inevitable, but you won't notice it as much if brown is your natural hair colour.
the color shouldn't fade but it will obviously change color at your roots when your hair grows

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