Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why shouldn't you dye/highlight your hair while pregnant?

Harsh chemicals that can be inhaled (can you smell it?) during the process. Also if anything comes in contact with your skin (including scalp), the chemicals can be absorbed as well.Why shouldn't you dye/highlight your hair while pregnant?
Because your body absorbs the chemicals in the product and may harm the fetus. Check with a doctor, some products are ok.Why shouldn't you dye/highlight your hair while pregnant?
I asked my doctor while i was pregnant and he told me '; It won't harm the baby, people think it might but just remember your hormones make your hair grow faster. So then you might have to dye offten. I did mine and NOTHING happened to my son or me. He was a healthy baby boy! I might wait til closer to the end so you don't have to do again in a month or so. Highlights is probaly the way to go right now. But hey its your body and hair go for it!
Duh! no it won't harm the baby. The reason they say not to is because with your hormones all out of whack the colour may not be what you thought it was going to. It may not take at all or be way darker or lighter then you wanted. Even if its a normal colour that you use. That being said i know lots of preggos that have had no problems. Just dont panic if its not what you wanted -
it mite harm the baby duh
because your body takes in the chemicals from the dye and can harm the baby-to-be
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