Saturday, December 26, 2009

Should my friend have blue highlighted hair?

Well my friend wants to have blue highlight(stripes).He has jet black hair but the main prob is he is a guy.

I am from delhi,India and there its awkward to have blue hair.Should my friend have blue highlighted hair?
No, that would look tacky.Should my friend have blue highlighted hair?
erm i did this a couple of weeks ago and died the under layer of my hair blue. it looks really good for a few days then it fades and goes green (everyone failed to tell me this untill i died it lol)

i ended up bleaching it out
I am a female and would totally do it. BUT people are used to me changing my hair. I constantly have a different color highlighted through my blond hair.
Sure I think the black and blue would be alright not with any other color of hair, just black. It really depends on his personality.
I think that would look amazing.
Sure! Why not? Good conversation piece for the ladies!
if its suits his type of style, then sure, why not?

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