Thursday, December 31, 2009

Can you highlight over highlighted hair?

Hello, :] I have highlighted my hair like a blonde-ish, light brown-ish kind of color about 4 months ago. (I have dark brown hair by the way) And I haven't highlighted my hair since. I want to highlight my hair again now, but another color this time. I want to color it like a purple-ish--burgundy kinda color. Will it come out terribly if I highlight my hair again? I still have the old highlights on my hair, surprisingly. lol.

And what is the best highlighting kit to use at home, for a more natural look? I am not going to use the color that goes with the kit, I just need the tools. Thanks you guys!! :)Can you highlight over highlighted hair?
Yes, you can do highlights on your hair again, though using a darker color is usually called ';low lights.'; Either way, yes you can do it if you want to.

As far as kits are concerned - skip them! Highlighting kits don't work properly and they tend to be quite damaging. You should go to Sally Beauty Supply, or any other beauty supply store in your area, and get the tools there.

I personally don't know how you would do burgundy highlights without bleaching your hair first since you said that it's dark brown. You would need to buy all the bleaching supplies (developer, activator packets, lightener, foils, brush, etc), bleach the strands that you want to change, and than dye over that with a burgundy dye. That would be a two step process so it's best to consult a reputable hair stylist or do a lot of research before you attempt something so complicated.

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