Thursday, December 31, 2009

My 14 year old wants her hair highlighted is she too young for this?

I know many of my daughters friends have their hair highlighted but, I'm not sure if this is an appropriate age. She will be 14 in 2 weeks. My mom did not let me dye my hair until I was 16.My 14 year old wants her hair highlighted is she too young for this?
I think highlighting her hair would be ok at this age. It's only hair, it can be cut and grow back.My 14 year old wants her hair highlighted is she too young for this?
That鈥檚 a tough call. A lot of people have answered here that they got highlights that young, and I bet it鈥檚 pretty common. However, at 13 my friend鈥檚 niece started getting crazy expensive highlights (and maintaining them), wearing full make-up, fake nails, getting her eyebrows waxed and wearing very adult clothes (not skimpy, just very grown-up). It was just sad to see this barely teenaged girl saddled with all this stuff so young.

Your daughter has the rest of her life to be a woman, but only a few teenaged years. I鈥檇 say it鈥檚 probably okay to let her do this, but make sure she鈥檚 not getting carried away.
Getting your hair highlighted can't cause any harm! I got mine done at 13 I think... I say let her do it! All it will do it make her feel better about herself. And tell the lady doing it that you want it to be very subtle... she's 14 and you want her to still look her age! I've seen some really cute highlights girls! I know I loved mine at that age! I only wish I had the money to get it done, now!

I say give it to her as part of a birthday gift! She'll really like it, it's fun to go get your hair done for little girls!
She definitely isn't too young. I was a freshman in high school when I first started highlighting/coloring.

Just lay down rules that you both can live with. For example: You both decide together what kind of highlights she is going to get - before you get to the salon. You be there when she gets it done, to supervise.

Another way to maybe squash the idea - if you really want to - is tell her that you will pay for haircuts, but since it is a luxury that she doesn't really need, she is responsible to pay for it. Or, you can give it to her as a birthday or Christmas present.
14, yea, people at my school highlight their hair, most of my classmates are 14.
i think it's fine..but ur doing ur job as a good parent, concerned for ur child. btw i love how u put it into the toddler and preschooler section.
As the saying goes, choose your battles wisely. How does highlighting her hair compare with piercings, drugs or sex?
Honestly, those two years won't change anything too much. It's not really an age limit thing, it's more of the worry of the damage done to her hair. Once you get into the habit, it's hard to break. . . .
i think you should wait until she is 15.Especially if it is an irregular colored highlights that you dont want her to have on her hair.why is this in the toddler section?
i figure it's her hair let her highlight it! no big deal, now tattoos and lip piercing is where I'd draw the line.
Talk to her and make sure she wants in done then talk to the stylist make sure that she can and then go for it shes only going to live once right!
I would make and agreement with her like she has to keep her room clean for 2 weeks or not listen to music for 1 week then if she really want her hair highlighted she will be willing to give up listening to music or not watching TV.
Many kids these days are highlighting/dying their hair these days. I say she is old enough, but I think she should use a product like this stuff called sun-in. It gives your hair more natural high-lights and isn't quite as dangerous as some products out there.
you should ask in the adolescent group you will get more answers there, but yes let her highlight her hair it won't harm her and it will just boost confidence i say go for it!

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