Saturday, December 26, 2009

Is it ok to use color remover on highlighted hair?

I have medium brown hair and I used loreal hilight styliste creamy caramel to acheive some highlights but it turned brassy. I then tried a tone refiner on it with no luck. It still looks orange and brassy. Can I use a hair color remover, like loreal colorzap, to remove the highlights and redye it to match my natural hair color? Please help!!Is it ok to use color remover on highlighted hair?
Go back to your hairdresser and ask!Is it ok to use color remover on highlighted hair?

Bleached hair is not colored hair. Coloring hair adds pigment

Bleaching the hair strips the pigment out. What ever color you have left from bleaching is your natural color minus pigment.

When using a remover it is for removing color and as stated above Bleached hair is hair that has been stripped of color.

If you put a color remover on your hair you will only further damage your hair

The best suggestion I can give is to tone the Bleached hair back to your natural hair color or to a color that has an ash base tone

The ash base tone will conteract the brassiness and cool it down to a natural highlite. Try a lever 09 ash or 10 ash for blonde highlites

or just get a color that is the same as your natural Color

OR go to a professional before your hair breaks off!
Don't use a color remover, you'll only make it worse. Simply use a Demi color in your natural level (Darkness) and color over it. You may still see some of the underlying copper pigmentation but it shouldn't be too bad.

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