Thursday, December 31, 2009

Should I highlight my hair?

I have dark brown hair that is kinda red in the sun, I've never dyed it but I thought it would be cool to get some lighter brown highlights in when I go for a haircut. I can provide pics if you'd like, also do you know of any salons that do a really good job?Should I highlight my hair?
Instead of going for the highlights, try mixing a little lemon juice in with your rinse in the shower, or sun in. It's the summertime and your hair will lighten naturally as you spend more time outside. Highlights in your hair are nice, but they can be expensive to maintain and can be damaging to your natural hair. If nothing else try a temporary color and see how you like it. It's all up to you but my suggestion is to enjoy how your hair naturally changes colors throughout the seasons. :) Natural is beautiful!!Should I highlight my hair?
Sure, add some highlights I do it most summers for a summer look. If your hair is long and kinda red I would suggest not doing the whole head, just highlight around the face and a streak across the top. But go to a salon and let them do it. Good Luck
You shouldnt look at it this way its a waste of money because you will get them then after 2 months or so the highkights are going to be lowlights and you will have to redo them again which is a pain in the neck! I wouldnt do them TRUST ME!
I think it would look pretty, my hair is actually very dk brown almost balck and i always get the chunky highlights....but always go look better

i wouldn't do blond or an extremely light color

i agree go for a kinda caramel look or ty some auburn or a red kind of highlight
I would go for a caramel look, I think that it always looks good. After you get it done, youll never want to live without them.
Consider that your hair could get damaged
What for? What is wrong w/your hair now?
yeah that would be cool but never die your hair darker then ur normal color.
up to you
sure go for it why not?

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