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What effects will highlighting your hair have?

I really want to highlight my hair a bizarre color like blue or green but I need my parent's permission first. (Parent's are so protective of you. *sigh*) So to help persuade them, I would like to know the side effects, like brittle hair, etc. after you highlight your hair. Thanks!What effects will highlighting your hair have?
Hi. As a professional hair dresser I can try to give you some options here.

The unusual colours such as green red or blue would not damage the hair as they are nearly always semi permemant. These colours achieved by selecting sections of hair and applying the colour to the hair. The foil containing the colour will be closed and left to develop. For blondes these are done the same way. The sections are painted with the colour and the foils are closed and left to develop. These colours will not damage your hair. Modern highlighting colours contain conditioning properties which nourish the hair and protect it. The only colouring technique which would damage the hair is using bleach. Some people who have especially dark hair or colour treated hair require bleach to be applied to bleach out the colour. After this the highlighting colour is applied to the bleached areas. You can tell your parents that highlighting is not dangerous and will not cause any damage. If you need further information email me. If you like you could experiment with some unusual coloured hair extensions to decide what colour or look you'd like, before committing yourself to going to the hair salon.What effects will highlighting your hair have?
I live with a hair stylist. It will not affect your hair very much unless you repeatedly highlight/dye your hair. It will fry your hair if you dye it a few times but not if it is just highlights and you don't plan on dying/highlighting your hair within about another month but I would wait at least 3 months before getting more highlights.If you have recently gotten a perm, repeatedly straighten your hair, haven't gotten a trim for a while, etc. do not get highlights. Your hair will turn out horrible and ugly. Do not use the cheap stuff. Get it professionally done. Doing it yourself/the cheap way will fry your hair and sometimes it will turn out to be a totally different color then you planned on or wanted it to be. I hope I was a help :)
Dyeing or highlighting will always cause some sort of damage. Especially if you're dying it a bizarre color because they might have to bleach your hair first in order to get the color you want. And bleaching is never good. Just make sure to deep condition your hair often. And don't dye it repetitively because that will damage your hair beyond repair.
There's really nothing. I went through high school dying my hair all sorts of colors (bleaching first, then pink highlights, blue hair, etc).

I'm now 23, normal color hair, and it's soft and full !

Don't worry about it, tell them it's a phase and you can easily dye right over it when you're sick of it.
I have my hair highlighted and i love it. You just need to buy shampoos and conditioners that are specifically for hightlighted/ colored treated hair. That will help from damaging your hair, and the color will last longer and stay brighter. When the highlights grow out 2inches or more (wateva u lik) then u can get ur hair re highlighted. But im sure you will love it and ur paents will lik it 2 cause it looks really good when it is done. Good Luck and i hope you get your hair highlighted!
I am not sure why parents have such a hard time with this...I am 29. Mother of 3 (2 are girls) and when I was in my teens, I always wanted to color sections of my hair green. Needless to say, my mother wouldn't let me,

My oldest daughter is 9 and she has pretty blonde hair. Last summer we put hot pink highlights in it and it was adorable. Her hair was fine and it's back to it's normal color. She was happy and it didn't hurt anything!

Some moms need to just RELAX!!
highlighting is the same as dying your hair except its just parts of your hair.

so i guess technically its not as bad. lol

just dying your hair once wont really do much damage to it.

i dye my hair probably like every month or two months.
you'll have more gray hairs and you'll have to keep dying it to cover them up. My friend died her hair pink and wen it starts to fade it would turn white and orange.
it does tend to dry out your hair if not properly taken care of, this could lead to a ton of split ends. You can avoid this by deep conditioning.
well, all I know is that it makes your hair grow whiter even faster when you grow older. And its really not that good because its like putting chemicals in your hair.
I do my hair like that a lot. (Last colour was violet.) Usually for me nothing happens, but your hair might be a little brittle.
It won't come out for a while and it'll fry your hair if you dye it enough.
You have to deal with the roots showing up..
If I tried to highlight my hair I'd have strange marks on my skull.

Bald is beautiful
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