Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What do you think is best natural brunette hair or highlighted blonde?

My hair is naturally dark but a few years back, I finally gave in to temptation - and went blonde!

At first it looked good, but the upkeep was a nightmare; I had to keep going back to the salon to have the colour redone and then had to have an ash toner added as it began going a yellow shade.

I stayed blonde for about a year. I guess my point is: if going blonder is something you've always wanted to do, then go for it! At least then you'll have tried it and you'll know!

I'm dark again now and much prefer it. But I'm glad I tried being blonde. One thing I would advise: go to a good colourist at a good salon, and make sure no bleach gets onto your scalp or skin.What do you think is best natural brunette hair or highlighted blonde?
highlighted blonde looks niceWhat do you think is best natural brunette hair or highlighted blonde?
Embrace your dark hair! I think highlighting it blonde looks tacky. For a couple of years that was what i did to my hair, but it just looked dumb and unoriginal so i dyed it dark brown. I think: if you are blonde, you are blonde. If you're brunette, you're brunette. If you are redhead, you are redhead.

I think you should only colour your hair if the general colour is fading, like grayish brown or grayish blonde. Other than that i think natural hair is the way to go.

natural brunette. i used to dye my hair and put blonde highlights in it all the time and it just got to the point where i was so sick of roots growing out that i let it all go back to my natural dark brown color. up until now i kind of forgot what it was like to be a natural brunette and now i love it!
natural brunette.....always elegant.
please, please don't get bleach-blond highlights in dark hair!! We called those Frosh-Lights at my high school. It looks really fake. Try getting highlights two or three shades lighter than your natural color. It looks way more natural and doesn't need redoing all the time because it still looks nice even as it starts to grow out.
for now..

highlights are seen as trashy %26amp;%26amp; tacky

they WERE in style years before..

but not now sorry

i'm a natural brunette

and i had highlights..

i took them out %26amp;%26amp; never got so many compliments !!!

brunettes are the best

without highlights =]
brunette always looks classier I've had my hair blonde for years but i feel a whole lot sexier with it brunette!
Natural Brunette. I know its better to be individual but look at all the celeb's that have gone from blonde to brown hair recently: Cameron Diaz, Reese Witherspoon, Mena Suvari for example. Brunette seems more fashionable right now but highlights do look nice in summer.
To be honest, it depends on the person and the look that they are trying to acheive with what hairstyle!
natural brunette its a classic good look if something works why change it

Weve got to show the world that actually...its brunettes that have the most fun! Natural is even better!

I always think brunettes look more mysterious like ther is more to them!
Natural brunette
natural is always best. most blonde highlights look harsh so get a stylist to do it!!!
natural brunette
deff highlighted blonde!
natural brunnette.

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