Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lemon juice to highlight hair.?

i have blonde hair and was wondering if putting lemon juice in your hair helps with highlights. my hair already does have highlights. do you put it all over your head or only in spots you want highlights? how do you do it if it works?Lemon juice to highlight hair.?
this doesnwork but only with ppl who already have blonde hair..its good for yuor scalp to u wont notice alot of colour itll just look very natural also juts put it all over it will highlight naturally the lemon will lighten the more porus peices of hair..Lemon juice to highlight hair.?
i dont think it really works. i tried it and it did not work out too well. try sun in. it is sooooooooo good. its at like walmart at the hair section. it doesnt die your hair, it just brings out your NATURAL highlights. if you want it to work quick, you can spray it in and blow dry your hair or if you are going to a pool party or swimming, you can spray it in and then it brings out your highlights even when you are in the water. but i have to say, it works faster and better if you spray it in and then blow dry it. also it smells soooooooo good! i love it! hope that helped!! good luck and have a wonderful afternoon or evening...whatever :)
Yes, it works (and will NOT turn your hair green!). Hydrogen peroxide works faster, and is probably cheaper than lemon juice. You can buy it at any drugstore.

Many blondes I know have used flat champagne for highlights, and that seems to work well, too.
i heard u just put it on like if it was a creme... sooo

i guess squeeze the lemon juice in like a bowl or something..

you might want to add alittle bit of water to add volume or something but anyway... rinse ur hands in it then move ur fingers through ur hair starting at ur roots...

good luck... let me know if it works..
Apparently it does work and you put it in all your hair then sit out in the sun let it dry then wash it out.

However apparently it dries out your hair really badly so make sure you condition it well if you do it.
you just put it where you want highlights. it works really good. all you do is apply it to your hair, then go sit in the sun for a while. then you wash it out, and viola! blond highlights.
Well yeah it works but eventually it will turn your hair green. Don't put it in. It really screws up your hair! Get real highlights or you can buy ones and like Rite Aid or something but don't ever put crap in your hair!
The acid in it is what lightens the hair . all over wouldn't hurt ... the sun will intensify it.
yes worked for me! :) i have blonde hair and it really brought out my highlights
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