Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How should i highlight my hair(pictures of myself inside).?

i want highlights, something cute and drastic. i have a lot of short layers on the top and back of my head. always looking to do something different. i have naturally tan skin, not orange just the camera, freckles, and hazle eyes. thanks guys :). should i highlight my hair(pictures of myself inside).?
deep red chunks or highlights would be awesome on you;)How should i highlight my hair(pictures of myself inside).?
red streaks ( dark red)
I agree with all that say your beautiful the way you look and jet black hair is very nice color but since your asking it sounds as if you want the highlights I would ask your stylist what works best with that dark of hair because blonde streaks would clash if I were to suggest it would be red shades.
i would suggest a lighter brown to add dimension,

or copper,



but not blonde,

any of those colors would look great just don't go to light with it,

i think getting as close as you can to your eye color would make them pop!!
Have some fuchsia flashes done!You're soo beautiful anyway so I believe anything would look good on you!!

Good luck anyway ;)
I would do some medium auburn highlights. It would complement your dark hair and skin tone
omg, i almost bought that same dress for formal, but burgandy!
really blond or bright red highlights or burgandy
get blond but just a few
I would try natural caramel browns. If you go with chunky blonde it might make your hair look like a black and white affect ( or skunk!) and i must stress do not do it yourself, getting it done by a pro makes a huge difference on whether it looks good or not
i think you shud do chunky highlights in a bright pink.
A few blonde streaks should look cute/funky.
well that is kinda hard but i think that you should like go for like a red that is like not too bright and not too dark but like when you go into the sunlight to were it kinda sparkles
your skin tone and features are very similar to mine tan freckles and hazle eyes and with that being said honestly you look amazing the way you are with your dark very careful to tell your hair dresser to only put light browns in with your dark hair...blond will make you look horrible and it will have a brassy gold contrast to it so go for light browns and carmels

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