Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Naturally auburn and highlighted hair to pale honey blonde?

I have curly dark chestnut/auburn hair. I have red and bleached highlights but i would like to go fully blonde preferably a pale honey blonde. I'm worried my hair will go orange. Has anyone out there done the same thing with their hair and had success?Naturally auburn and highlighted hair to pale honey blonde?
Do you mean you want to try it yourself at home or at a hairdressers?

You wont be able to go fully blonde in one go as the peroxide damages your hair so much that you have to give your hair a break between lightening sessions. If you tried to do it at home you will end up with white/yellow roots faiding down into orange ends, mixed through your highlights.

Because you have different coloured highlights it would be very difficult to judge what strength of peroxide to use on each area, so your best bet will be to let a hairdresser do it for you. They will lighten your hair gradually in such a way that each stage looks coloured intentionaly until your happy with the colour.Naturally auburn and highlighted hair to pale honey blonde?
u must do it step by step 1 let ur hair go lighter then red then do it all brown then blonde

be careful ur hair might get tired %26amp; damaged

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