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I am 4 weeks pregnant and was wondering if it is safe to highlight you hair while you are pregnant. ?

No it was not in my time as there was peroxide mixed and more chemicals.I am 4 weeks pregnant and was wondering if it is safe to highlight you hair while you are pregnant. ?
After your first trimester( four months) you can, just not often. Both hair stylists and doctor said it isn't that bad, it's just that your hormones being out of wack can mess up the results. If you are highlighting blond, I would double and triple check with your stylist, your hair could turn green for all you know. I just dyed my hair (I dye mine black) it took and everything is fine, the only downfall now is that it dried out my scalp more than normal. I wouldn't recommend to do it often keeping away from the chemicals is a good idea but it doesn't really hurt the baby.I am 4 weeks pregnant and was wondering if it is safe to highlight you hair while you are pregnant. ?
OMFG lol people told me the same thing that it's not good, but guess wut, i asked my doctor, and she told me they say that, but in reality there is NO EVIDENCE of hair coloring doing any kind of damage to the baby, she told me they did lots of research on that, but never found anything that proved it was true, it was just an old wives tale. she also told me it was all bullcrap bout how the chemicals that get on ur scalp can hurt the baby too lol so i dye my hair once 1-2 months and my baby is perfectly fine, so don't listen to these morons.
It is controversial. There aren't enough studies on hair dying, highlighting and bleaching to say whether they are safe or not. At the very least I wouldn't do it during the first trimester. That is when the baby does it;s most crucial developing I personally would just wait the mere 9 months to do anything like that. . Then you know you aren't doing anything that could harm the baby, even if it is a very small risk of it. Better safe than sorry.
Definitely. Just make sure you go to a GOOD salon (one that doesn't accept walk ins)... if you smell fumes from it, then you know they aren't using good products-those are the places to avoid as well...

Basically coloring your hair during pregnancy is totally fine, the dye won't absorb into your blood stream and so long as you go to a good place, you won't have to deal with/worry about fumes...

Go and pamper yourself! :)

PS-I got mine done this pregnancy, got my nails done during other pregnancies and have never had any problems because where I go is basically the best place there is... that's the key.

ADD: Everyone above me states the old way of thinking because 10 years ago the answer would probably be a no. However, good salons use more natural, gentle products that still give fabulous results. Not to mention, you only go every 6-8 weeks, so it's not an every day thing (if it were, then I bet unless you henna your hair, it would not be safe...)

And NO box dyes... crappy results, and those have HORRENDOUS fumes...
hey hun,

Not full head colour. or any chemicals that are placed on the scalp... definitely not full head bleach..

but hightlights/foils are okay as they arent placed on the scalp. (1.5cm away)

But also first 12 weeks are the most important in babies development.

Remember pregnancy is all for baby-

God bless xx

(some doctors will say that its safe, )
For personal reasons i don't want to go into id say no, BUT i have done that much research i found no evidence to suggest its at all dangerous.

What i did find was if you decide to highlight do it in a well ventilated room and its best to use a cap and not foils,as the colour doesn't come into direct contact wit the scalp.

This was something I asked my hairdresser right before I had an insemination procedure, and she said no it is not safe to color your hair in any way, because of the chemicals they use, especially the bleach, could harm the baby.
The short answer is this: putting highlights in your hair won't hurt your baby, but being pregnant alters the chemistry of your hair and how it will react with the dye, so your hair might not look like you expect it to!

This video has more info. There is a doctor discussing safety issues - plus some images of what can happen to pregnant hair when it's dyed!鈥?/a>
it's fine I recently just had a touch up(relaxer). If YOU WORK in a salon the fumes are bad but being there for a while let alone getting high lights wont hurt you. it may no take though because of the hormone level changing in ur hair.
I was told it is perfectly fine, as long as you do not breath in all of those fumes. Go somewhere that you are not smelling it all, or as I do it at home with all of the windows open. :)
My doctor told me it wasn't good unless you do it so often. so if you did it then I wouldn't do it again until after you have the baby. Congrats!! Send baby dust my way.
its not recomended to use a lot of chemicals specially early in your pregnancy. not a lot of testing is done though.
i was told by my doctor that you can, as long as you are out of your first trimester and are in a well ventilated area.
Nope, because it's danger for the baby!
i was told after 12 weeks i was able to dye my hair
not in pregnancy

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