Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Is it ok to have highlighted hair and get a perm?

Should I get my hair hightlighted before or after I get a perm? And will this damage my hair tooo much??Is it ok to have highlighted hair and get a perm?
Hightlight after...and...have a good conditioner on hand...Is it ok to have highlighted hair and get a perm?
umm yeah
No for 1 it does not look right for 2 it could ruin your hair for 3 you should only get a perm for a certain type of hair. And if you are doing it because of frizz, use coconut oil.
u shld get yur highlights after a perm. a perm will ruin the color, so it'll be a waste of money to color it before. and yes, it'll damage your hair. give it 2 weeks rest if u could. and use lots of treatment conditioner. and use bonacure's 'moisture' spray-on after each wash and leave it in.
Highlights and perm do not go good together. We, as hair stylists, did it in the late 80's and early 90's, but you just don't see it very often any more. Pick which one you need more and do that one chemical treatment. Your hair will be damaged from the chemicals, but if you use good products and keep up on the hair cuts you should be OK. Also you will want to watch how much heat you use on your hair, like blow dryers and curling/flat irons. These will do even more damage to a double processed (meaning permed and highlighted) head of hair. If you do decide to do both, perm your hair first and then about 2 weeks later have highlights put in. Perming over highlights is almost always NOT a good thing! Good luck and please seek the aid of a hair stylist, do not try this alone.
no b/c your hair will break off and u will have horrible split ends trust me i know
i agree with Mika - i like the bonacure intensive treatment line as well. it conditions %26amp; hydrates well...

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