Friday, December 18, 2009

Hair stylist not highlighting hair to the roots?

I have been using foil highlights on my hair for 9 years. I recently moved and for the past 6 months my hair stylist has left at least 1/2 inch to almost an inch of my roots showing when I come in for foil highlights. Often times I feel like I need to be touched up the day after. I do not understand why she would do this considering I have never had this problem with other stylists. Also, I have noticed more of a visible line and it looks so tacky. I have been going in every 4-5 weeks and by then my hair looks horrible. In the past, I could wait at least 7 to 8 weeks. I want to believe that there is some reason out there for this, but I am afraid she is doing this so that I will come in more frequently. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.Hair stylist not highlighting hair to the roots?
Well the reason for the lack of highlighting to the scalp may just be that she is not comfortable highlighting and thinks she may bleed onto your scalp ( when you get too close and make straight lines). The visible line could be from her taking too thick of a section or a straight ( called slicing) section instead of weaving a fine section. Or from her not blending to color up instead applying to thick where she starts. Have you told her your concerns? If you have and she has not been able to fix them, move on to a new stylist. We all want people to be happy with their hair and you want to be happy as well. So sometimes it is best if clients make sure to find their match. I hope this helped you some. I have been doing hair for 7 years.Hair stylist not highlighting hair to the roots?
Im a hairdresser and the only reason she is doing this, is because she doesnt know how to foil hair..You have to go to the root, and she is probably afraid her bleach is going to spill out..When doing foils, you cant load up on bleach because when it goes under the dyer it expands and will cause leakage and cause unwanted blotches..Consistency in mixing is the key, and application without loads of product..Make sure, the next time to find someone who is experienced, and goes to the root..Retouches if done right, need to be retouched about every 6 to 8 weeks...The foils should look neatly folded, and flat when all done..If its bunched up, then the stylists, hasnt had much experience...Go to someone who has, and dont waste your money, on the person who is doing your hair now.
She is probably concerned about something called ';bleed through';. Chemicals like what she is using on your hair to lighten it, swell when they warm up. The closer they get to your scalp, the warmer they get and more swelling can occur. Some of the more inexperienced stylists will end up giving their clients ';leopard spots'; on their hair if the lightening product swells and bleeds through the top of the foil, touching the rest of the hair.

You said that you moved...are you making the drive to the same stylist you had before you moved? If so, I have no explanation as to why she's doing this. If you changed stylists, I would guess you just happened upon someone who is less experienced and concerned about bleed through. It may be time to shop around for a new stylist.

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