Friday, December 18, 2009

How much do hair highlights genuinely cost?

I know that they change a little between hairdressers but

if i wanted 1 colour of streaks how much would it be?

and how much would 2 colour of streaks be?

thanks for helpHow much do hair highlights genuinely cost?
They charge you depending on the length of your hair and how many colors. Go to a professional colorist having someone do your hair that knows nothing about it ends up in a disaster!How much do hair highlights genuinely cost?
my mom gets (well at least she says) at least 15 different color highlights in her hair and it costs her roughly around 130 or something like that so i would think one color would be less that 100 that is if you just go to a not well known place that isnt that expensive like my mom does
well it depends on what salon you go too

but its more cheaper if you just buy a box of highlight and ask ur mom or a good friend to do them for you
highlights GENERALLY cost around $100

where i've been.
It all depends where you go usually it would be $100 sometimes it can be a lot more
Mine were 100$... but I think the place was expensive.. But they turned out bad and made my hair dry and frizzy.

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