Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Best Highlight Colors For Medium Length Hair, And Eyes That Alternate Blue And Green?

Okay, i start school in like four days, and i want guys to notice me and think i'm hot. I have light brown hair and i'm getting it cut tomorrow like two inches off. And i want to do two colors highlights in my hair, what would be the best colors? Easy Ten Points!!Best Highlight Colors For Medium Length Hair, And Eyes That Alternate Blue And Green?
Brightening Brunettes and Brown Hair Highlights:

Brown hair can be brightened into a multitude of hues through various hair styling and coloring techniques, including:

Highlights: Adding honey, ginger, almond, russet, or other light highlights to brown hair adds texture and dimension to the hair. Be careful not to go too many shades lighter to avoid a streaked appearance, and note that darker brown shades do not show red highlights well.

Hair Accessories: Dark shades show off glittering hair pins, head bands, and decorative comes far better than lighter hair colors, particularly in updos and other formal hair styles.

Natural Lightening: Most brown shades will lighten naturally with exposure to sunlight, and they will develop red and blonde tints depending on each individual鈥檚 genetic makeup. To create natural highlights in unique patterns (and ensuring that more than the top layer of hair is lightened) wear braids or ponytails to expose different strands.

Despite popular fears that brown hair is boring, there are plenty of spicy ways to add a timeless look to your already beautiful brunette hair.

Enrich: Enrich your natural color with an allover shade a few shades richer. To add some contrast and interest, ask your stylist to weave in a few copper hair highlights.

Deepen: Go chocolate! If you鈥檙e natural brown borders on moussey, richen it up with a decadent shade of chocolate brown, which will add instant drama with little investment.

Shine: Shine or color glossing treatments adds sparkle and sheen to dark hair. A glossing treatment can be done in the salon for a bargain price and will instantly add some life to your locks.

Vanilla and Chocolate: Want the best of both worlds? Brunettes can still play with blonde without a large commitment. Ask your stylist to add a few strategically placed blonde hair highlights around your face to brighten your look while keeping the rest of your color natural.

Chunk: Although not as trendy as days gone past, statement chunking techniques on a dark base add instant pop and a low maintenance color choice for those seeking a dramatic and bold look. Experiment with shades of blue, blonde, or red chunks. Get creative!

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