Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What do you know about highlighting your hair ?

I read somewhere that if you put a 50/50 mixture of water and regular peroxide on your hair, that it will ';naturally'; highlight your hair. Any suggestions ?What do you know about highlighting your hair ?
id tell you not to, to just use lemons, they are less damaging to your hair. but, if your going to use regular peroxide, id say use 50% peroxide, 40% water, and 10% of a conditioner, like cholesterol, but any conditioner you have at home should work, and blow dry it... just remember that peroxide is very very very drying and can cause your hair to split at the ends and sometimes even in the middle of the strand, and in bad cases break altogether. be careful and if you ever feel like its doing something you don't want rinse it out with a quickness!What do you know about highlighting your hair ?
just buy a few shades lighter than your hair color with a cheap color and streak it!!
honestly i reccommend you go to a hair specialist because they know exzctly how to do it and its not guess and check like at home also if you mess up, you have to live with it for a while!!!!! BElieve me, I tried it at home, it turned my hair white!!!!!!
it wouldnt suit a man, but it would looks nice on a girl
i really dont know about that try it if u want
easy to do at home and very expensive to do at the shop.... and no i dont think that what they told you is true and if it works it will just mess up your hair.....just buy bleaching powder (for your hair ) and a good creme developer and depending on the size of highlights you want buy a cap or aluminum foil...
if you do it yourself use loreal highlighting kit they have a toll free number and it works great

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