Friday, December 18, 2009

What Color Should I Highlight My Hair? Pic*?

I've Never Dyed My Hair Or Highlighted It Ever But I Need A Change.

Soo What Color Should I Highlight It?

And Will It Fry My Hair?!

Pic:;current=NewNewNewNewNew021.jpgWhat Color Should I Highlight My Hair? Pic*?
Platinum Blonde would look good if you dyed your hair golden blonde!

No your hair will be a little damaged at first but good care can nourish it back to healthWhat Color Should I Highlight My Hair? Pic*?
I think that your colour hair would look really good with platinum blonde, or honey brown highlights.

Also, it kinda depends on the hair you have, and at the same time, your ability to follow instructions, on the issue of whether your hair will get damaged, or not. But I think that it's safe to say that as long as you follow procedures, everything should be good.
Personally, from the picture- I like your hair. It looks really soft and pretty...

If you want that ';Spunky Blonde'; look you can always take some light bleach blonde and Golden blonde streaks...

Or go darker. I have the same hair color as you...

How about you go to a local beauty salon, and ask for their opinion...

you can walk in there and have no idea with what you would like to do and they will normally give you some ideas. =)

No, the first time it will not actually fry your hair...but your should continue Dying your hair over and over all the time. Cuz after a while your hair will get severely damaged and thinner till its about gone after be careful.

because your hair looks a lot lighter on the top than it does on the bottom, you should get a lighter blonde on top, and a medium blonde underneath...its usually best, and most fahsionable to go light for summer,

if you get it proffesionally done, and you moisturise your hair well, it shouldn't fry

hope i helped :)
Definately really light blonde.

My natural hair color is very similar to yours and I have a lot of blonde highlights and I get compliments all the time.

Heres what my hair looks like (its actually mine lol):鈥?/a>

Except I got more highlights so its blonder.

I think it would look really good on you :)
Dark Purple or Royal Purple highlights would be awesome.

Wont fry your hair unless you dont know what you are doing.
hmm maybe do a highlight platnium blonda then a lowlight light brown for some contrast and idk bout the frying ive never heard of that but always take precautions and read labels =]
i cant tell b-cuz it is all in the face
Your using too much eyeliner, you have a huge blob of it on your face
maybe you should just dye the underpart of ur hair dark brown tht would look really cute!!

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