Friday, December 18, 2009

How to repair hair with highlights?

My natural color is dark brown and I got slightly blond highlights a few months ago. Ive noticed that since then my hair gets tangled more easily and the ends of the highlights are ugly, as if I had split ends.

What can I do to repair my hair?How to repair hair with highlights?
Infusium23 shampoo and conditioner, even the leave in conditioner alone has done wonders for my hair when it is very damaged, it even stopped my hair from breaking in a very short time (this was the original leave in conditioner alone). Try it i'm positive it will work, it has never failed me for fifteen years now.How to repair hair with highlights?
i have blonde highlights also. i use a blond enhansing shampoo so they dont discolor.

also brush your hair very well! but thats just an always thing:)

my hair is a little damanged just because i straighten it everyday and have been highlighting it VERY blond for like 2 years.- so i use a hair repairer from redkin. its in a blue bottle and it says extreme anti snap. you put it in your hiar right after you take a shower. your hair has to still be pretty wet when you put it in. for you i would focus on the ends but also all over.

as for the tangling idk y that would be happening. mine does not do that...

hope i helped
Don't use heat products (if you are)

Using ''serum'' can help with split ends, or having your hair regulary cut can help also.

You can buy Serum, from Bodycare or Boots - any make up or hair equipted shops sell it. It works well, and leaves your hair less frizzy and dry.

Using a suitable Conditioner and Shampoo will help aswell, shampoo especially for dry hair

Hope this helps.

I had that problem, too except I dyed my whole head slightly darker. I would suggest purchasing a special shampoo and conditioner for ';color-treated hair.'; I didn't use the special conditioner on my hair and it made my hair look dried out and a little frizzed on the ends.

Good Luck!

Hope this helps!

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