Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I have dark brown hair- almost black. I have pale skin with some pink. What color should I highlight my hair?

My friend is the same way, she says not to dye it.

But, if you were to: do like darkish brown highlights that just blend in

That would look Ah-dorable!I have dark brown hair- almost black. I have pale skin with some pink. What color should I highlight my hair?
Never ever dye your hair more than one or two shades lighter or darker than your natural color. With that said, I think that a dark brown that appears to be right about at your shade (or just a tad lighter) or one of the darkest reds you can find would look nice. Try not to get a brown that's too golden, or else it will look like that fake orange color that is all too common, even if it isn't too much lighter than your natural color. If you go with the red, I suggest a brown-ish, realistic tone instead of that purple punk-rock type.I have dark brown hair- almost black. I have pale skin with some pink. What color should I highlight my hair?
Don't do blonde hightlights. They will wash you out. Copper or auburn would looke awesome. Make sure they aren't too chunky. Thinner highlights add definition to your hair.
You can only achieve 4 levels of lift before you turn orange or gold. Hair color can help achieve this. However most hair color experts would know how to achieve the level you are looking for and what best looks good on you. How you look in the end is important to us as we helped you look that way. The reflection is on both of us. So be careful when coloring your hair don't always take every ones advise it's not their hair they are changing.

It's yours
Awww ur pretty anything would look good on you...
Reddish tones works, I agree. If any other color it would be too 'stark.' Red tones 'warms' it up.
Do reddish tones! That would look so nice and be different from everyone that highlights blonde : ) Good luck!
brown...or maybe a shade or two lighter from your natural color it wouldnt look fake that way
The first step in determining which hair color will flatter you the most is whether you are a warm or cold skin tone.

Ask yourself these questions using the color table below:

1.Does this color seem to make my skin glow?

2.Does the color cause skin imperfections seem to disappear?

3.Does the color bring make my hair look healthy and shiny?

4.Do my eyes look lively and sparkle?

Color Table for Warm


Yellow green

Bright orange

Red orange

Dark brown

Color Table for Cool

Pure white

Blue green

Bright pink



From your description of your complexion, undertones of pink, violet or blue, indicate a cool complexion. If that is the case colors with undertones that are warm (yellow) will not look very flattering on you.

If your existing hair color is blue black, dark brown, ash brown, golden brown, ';dishwater'; blonde, golden blonde, salt and pepper gray, or white, you have ';cool'; hair. If it is deep brown with red highlights, red, ';strawberry'; blonde, or gray with a yellow cast you are ';warm.';

It sounds to me that since you may have a cool complexion and hair, the best colors for you would be to perhaps highlight your hair an ash blonde or golden brown. avoid reds as these may make you look washed out or tired.

your wardrobe is also a good indication of your coloring. Think about what outfit looks great on you and use that color as a guide to help you out. It is hard to go from a description and I can only guess as to which color will be best on you from adescription . Just remember to stay close to your natural color table for best results

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