Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Can I rinse my hair before highlights today?

I am getting highlights done today at a salon. I have heard you cant wash your hair 24 hours before. Is it ok if I just rinse my hair out this morning to get out some product?Can I rinse my hair before highlights today?
Leave it for the hairstylist to do. You can tell her that you contemplated doing it yourself, but then weren't sure if it would strip out too much oils.Can I rinse my hair before highlights today?
i went and they did the whole thing 4 me

dont worry i bet it will come out great Report Abuse

Of course you can wash and rinse your hair prior to salon visit. However, why do you need to do it yourself? The salon will wash and rinse it for you immediately after your highlights. This enables the residues to be washed away.
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yes u can
yea its fine.
no you shouldnt...the natural oils on your scalp help protect it and help for the color. If they need to rinse out product then they will do it.
only if you have a hair product in your hair like mousse styling gel,hair spray and so on.the reson your not suppose to wash hair prior to dye is your natural oils, to protect scalp and hair,but yes you should wash your hair to remove the hair product.
thats afterwards. you can wash all you want. lol are you blonde?
well y dot u do it the same time with the highlights at the saloon! they wil do it if u asked them...its nit a problem to have a shower be4 i did many times

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