Friday, December 18, 2009

Hair help? highlight products/photo?

I want highlights

i have ad them a few times before but they have grown out now

my hair is light brown with no other natural highlights

I want either really light brown highlights or a caramel blonde one

do you have any photos or product details or anything else that can help?

thanksHair help? highlight products/photo?
hi! depends how long is your hair, also if its thin or thick, straight or curly. i have light brown hair and just had my highlights done, i just craved more summer look (since the fall is coming:))....

anyway, i bought this kit from revlon (choose your color):鈥?/a>

...and went to the salon to do it for me, but not with the cap but they used foils. it came out pretty nice, just that these ';apply home products'; are a bit stronger, so they need to work fast.....

good luck sweetie! :)Hair help? highlight products/photo?
I think that really light hilights would look really cute with that color.
you are perfect the way you ares
just take lemon juice, put it in your hair and sit in the sun for 1 hour

it works

but it's not very strong highlights, they look natural

hope this helps! :D

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