Friday, December 18, 2009

Can you darken highlighted hair without dye?

Hello, all! :] A few months ago I had my hair highlighted. It grows extremely fast so my highlights are 3 or 4 inches from the roots now. I was wondering if there was any way I could darken my blonde highlights without dye. I've heard coffee, but that was for darkening all BROWN hair, not highlighted hair.

Naturally my hair is a brown black if that has anything to do with it.

Thanks in advance! X]Can you darken highlighted hair without dye?
Yes you can ! You can use all natural HENNA. Henna is an all natural die derived from plants and extracts. They used it in the old days way before any die or color was invented.It will cover your highlights just perfectly. It comes in all different colors, you will have to apply it every 4-6 weeks or until your hair grows out, depending on the strength of the henna, so just read the bottle to see how long it will last. You can find this product in any health food store in the beauty section, or probably in like Walmart, but make sure it is Henna, or a colored ';shampoo'; that states that one of its ingredients is Henna. All these temporary colors are, are henna anyway ! Look for Natural Instincts (clairol) on your store shelf, or other brand in the health food stores, they do not carry anything with chemicals in it, only natural products, but they can be a little costly, so try Walmart first.. I saw in Good Foods Health Food Store (if you have such a store in your area) a whole shelf of beautiful colors you might want to try. And again, all natural so it will NOT damage your hair in any way. In fact, it will thicken and shine your hair naturally. When it starts to fade, you just reapply it, or try another whole different color. How cool is that ? If you have brown hair, you can put red henna in it to slightly lighten and make your hair an Auburn shade, or burgundy henna to make your brown hair have a wine colored hue to it, whichever color enhances your skin. Remember you have ';cool'; tones, and ';warm'; tones. Cool tones look good on people with meduim or dark skin, green or hazel eyes. Warm tones look good on blondes %26amp; brunettes with blue or brown eyes. You dont want whatever color you choose to bring out a ruddy complexion, but rather enhance your skintone. Does your face have pink undertones in it...use a cool color. Does your face have blue undertones in it...use a warm color. Most color boxes now have ';cool'; or ';warm'; on it to let you know if it is compatable with your skin tone. Should be on the front of the box. If your African American with dark skin, a cool color is best, if your skin is light...a warm tone is best. A ';neutral'; shade is good for either skin tone. Do your research at the store, compare products and colors, and take your time, its well worth it.Can you darken highlighted hair without dye?
lowlights work but that is still a form of dying. The only non dying thing i know would be the wash in color shampoos the color last for a couple days and you can reapply the next time you wash hair. It only temporary though so you should ask your stylist. hope this helps :]
i jsut got my hair low lighted over my high lights!! it worked REALLY good!!

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