Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Can I slightly lighten my already highlighted dark hair?

My hair is naturally brown/black and I already had mild caramel highlights put in a few months ago. The highlights have a faint orange tone. Now I want to slightly lighten my overall hair color. What's the best way to do this without going to a salon? My mom is constantly changing her hair color on a whim, both at home and at salons, and she has never had a crazy color mishap, like accidentally turning her hair orange or something, so I know it must be possible to do it without horribly damaging my hair. What are some good drugstore dyes to use for this?Can I slightly lighten my already highlighted dark hair?
I am a color specialist, I have been doing color for 25 years. So believe me when I tell you, you have to be careful of what you put on your hair. Because it is so dark, trying to lift it just a little will get you a brassy undertone as a result.

There are professional products designed to lift hair one level. Redken Shimmer One is one possibility.

You mention your highlites are a ';faint orange';. That is what happens when you lift dark hair. I would reccommend glazing your hair with a demi-permanent color. You can apply it over all of your hair. It will not lighten your natural color, but would give you shine and you can give more natural tones to your highlites (remove the orange). Perhaps you could visit the Salon with your Mom. Ask the Stylist what she would recommend and ask about the color glaze. This is usually not as expensive as a permanent color application.

Please understand that if you decide to try this on your own and the results are not good, you are looking at color correction. That is expensive and is rarely the results you would have achieved if you had taken the time to consult a professional. Good luck.

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