Friday, December 18, 2009

When to highlight your hair?

im 13 and i want to dye my hair my mom says no so i was wondering do u know any brands that arent so bad? like not full of chemicals? and do u think that im too young? cause i wanna change my hair, i think that its to boringWhen to highlight your hair?
I think you a bit too young, maybe wait till you turn 15. Most peopel at yoiur age dont dye their hair, so dont copy other oldies and do it. If you really want, then used a highlighter to highlight your hair - easy to apply and easy to wash off.When to highlight your hair?
I think you're too young. I mean, you're only 13 years old. What I think you should do, is check out some cool hairstyles that you think you want for yourself, and then when you're older, you can use that.

... I hope I've Helped!
keep ur normal hair color...ur gunna regret it in the future...its gunna ruin ur hair and dry it out and the highlights are gunna grow out and ur gunna have to keep on doing it over and over 14 and i love my hair color
Yeah your young - but you ARE going to do what you want in the end. So I am here to help you out. IF you decide to do this, please remember you need to conditioner your hair 3x more often than you regularly do. All of the chemicals dry out your hair, and leech the brilliance. So conditioning is a must. Also, if you have never tried to streak/highlight your hair before, READ all the INSTRUCTIONS!! Play with your hair a little before you put anything in it. Decide what you want your style to be. As for the product I would use if I was starting out - Garnier Colorbreaks. They are easy to use, cheap, and efficient w/ good directions. Hope this helps!

-Mistress V
What color is your hair?...well either way you are too young as you said. But, if you really want to begin coloring your hair already and avoiding damage, then I suggest you just get some minimal highlights so it could look natural and cute. For example, when I began highlighting my brown hair I got just a few light brown highlights spread out through my hair, (at a salon of course) was not a drastic change but it did make it look lighter, less ';boring'; and it looked cute and very natural too.

Now, regarding brands?...Personally, I've never tried over-the-counter dyes, but there are plenty of them at drug stores or WalMart and Target. For example L'oreal... Clairol...but try the ones without the darker tones, not really blond to avoid damaging your ';virgin'; hair.

Hope this helped!
well if your mom wont let you dye your hair and you think your hairs boring just get it styled a new hair cut is good. firgure out things you can do with your hair so you wont be doing the same things all the time. a new look not bad but you dont have to dye your hair for a new look
no clue
Don't, change it when it when it gets gray. But doing all that stuff now will just make it gray faster. Plus be happy with yourself! Crimp it, or braid it maybe even put some glitter clips in it. There are lots of pretty hair stuff at the store.
there are certain hair dyes that are like 15 wash outs and stuff.. maybe you could try that instead of something drastic like bleach etc.
if you get it done go to a salon and ask for a ';tint'; to be used, not bleach, tint doesnt damage your hair and you can choose how light you go, just try a shade slightly lighter then your own for the sunkissed look at first.

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