Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Should I get my hair highlighted?

My hair is brown, but it used to be blonde and I miss it. So I want to get my hair highlighted blonde, but I've been told it will be too expensive and it will ruin my hair. It will supposedly be expensive because my hair grows fast and I will have to pay 80$ every six weeks. Is this true? Should I do this or just get extensions?Should I get my hair highlighted?
Yeah it does ruin your hair I think extentions are better :)

and if you want your blonde hair back and your hair grows fast then just wait a little longer till it grows back out and not waste your money getting highlights

:)Should I get my hair highlighted?
what ruined your hair was getting it dyed brown... im a blondie myself and i tried to lowlight my hair brown and i will never do it again . just either dye your hair back blonde but dont mess with it becoz u will regret it forever. good luck though!

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