Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I used to dye my hair constantly, like i would bleach it out one day and dye it brown the next then highlight?

it and then dye it brown,now i am left with a long buzz cut looking hair cut beacuse of my hair breakage, will my hair ever grow out?I used to dye my hair constantly, like i would bleach it out one day and dye it brown the next then highlight?
It sounds like you have a short pixie like cut, so for now wash a few times a week(maybe more because of the short hair length) and lay off the hair dyeing. When you hair gets long enough (past maybe your chin)start conditioning it. When your hair feels brittle then put normal rinse out conditioner or deep conditioner in your hair and twist it up into a bun. Leave this in for at least a few hours or hopefully overnight (that is what I do). Depending on the richness of your conditioner you may or may not have to rinse your hair afterward. This makes your hair really soft and shiny. Also, the only way to get rid of split ends is to cut them off. So if you don't want them work on prevention!I used to dye my hair constantly, like i would bleach it out one day and dye it brown the next then highlight?
Yeah, but you have to keep trimming it until it grows healthy again. It will take a while though.
Yes but it all depends on the life cycle of your hair, if your hair grows fast it shouldn't take that long to grow out but seeing as it has had a fair bit of trauma i'd say it may take a while.

For best results get regular trims, first one big one to get rid of all the split ends/breakages and then every 6-10 weeks get a tiny trim just to keep it happy, if the hair has split ends it has a higher chance the split will move up the shaft and ruin the roots which will stunt its growth therefore disallowing it to grow freely and happily.

Also the supermarket shampoo's (im not sure if you use them or not, ill just tell you anyway) they are based mainly on detergent (which creates a bigger cleaning effect such as lots of bubbles and is much cheaper than the good stuff) which only dries out the hair and causes a lot of breakages and leaving it weak and prone to wreck.

Good quality salon stuff is always with out a doubt the best but you really can tell the difference, it's worth the money..
yes but its going to take time.keep trimming your hair and use a good hair serum and conditioner
Yes, it will grow out. Hair usually grows about half an inch every month, so you do the measuring and estimate about when it will look right again. For now, eat healthy and condition you hair. Brush it often too, as that increases blood circulation on the scalp and that helps your hair grow.
Hello there I have an idea for you... upload your picture into the site I got here and play around with different hairstyles, cuts and colors...

This should give you some ideas and answers...

Yes, it will grow out. Eat healthy and condition your hair.
I dyed and bleached and dyed and bleached my hair constantly from the time I was in high school in 1996 until 2006. That includes a period of time where in the course of two months, I bleached my hair three different times, turning my hair to straw. My hairdresser banned me from bleach after that but I still dyed it regularly. It took about a year to get all the dead, over processed hair to grow out when I finally did stop dyeing my hair but I don't regret for a minute stopping the cycle and having healthy hair now. I've even grown to like my natural hair color which is why I was dyeing it in the first place. You have to be patient because it does take time but you'll get it all grown out eventually. If you鈥檙e willing to cut your hair short, take the plunge and that will get a lot of that out right away; then you'll just have to get it trimmed regularly until it grows out.

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