Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I dont know what color to highlight my hair...HELP.?

I have light brown hair right now and green eyes...and I don't know whether to get me some caramel or blondish highlights or to just dye it a dark brown.I dont know what color to highlight my hair...HELP.?
have different shades of blonde and dark brown it will look really nice my m8 has that and looks soo nice!xxI dont know what color to highlight my hair...HELP.?
Try some caramel some blonde and some a chocolately colour, it looks moe naturalwith more colours
blonde yeah baby!!!!
My hair is alot light brown. I have it highlighted blonde and caramel. I get alot of compliments on it. I also started putting some mahoneny red in it also, just for something different. Looks nice. Good luck
Go for caramel and blonde highlights
I would go for bleach blonde and golden which will look great, or have block colouring like cascada
ummm....well I have brown hair. But mines dark brown. I think you should probably get a caramel color. If you get a blondish color it might look to wild! So I deff. think a caramel color!
i would dye it dark brown!! your green eyes would stand out so much!! i naturally have dark brown hair and green eyes even the slightest change will make your eyes stand out, for example i dyed my hair 3 days ago a brown/black color, and my eyes look greener than ever!
Get some blonde highlights. Thats my vote!! lol
You're the same as me hair-wise!! i would dye my hair dark brown, that looks really nice, although if your hair colour is pretty/suits you i would try some blond highlights. if you're dying your own hair be careful though...i have a friend who tried to dye his hair blond and it turned purple instead (somehow!!??) good luck =P
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