Friday, December 18, 2009

Can I highlight my hair again?

Hi all :)

I recently got my hair highlighted at the end of may, i got highlights and some carmel low lights, and about 3 inches chopped off...however, now i'm thinking i would like to be even more blonde.

my question is this..if i got my hair highlighted again, just blonde highlights, would my hair be overprocessed? should i just wait? Or is it ok since i got so much cut off.

Thanks!Can I highlight my hair again?
I think you should wait.

^,.......,^Can I highlight my hair again?
As long as it's been at least a week or two since you last highlighted it, you can get it highlighted again. You can get it highlighted again without them putting bleach over the highlights you just got, they will be able to put the bleach on the parts of hair that has not been highlighted yet (that way your hair won't get too damaged). And I would recommend that you get a hair recovery treatment at the salon as well to put some moisture %26amp; protein back into your hair.
While your hair may already be over-processed, it's dead. Hair is dead as soon as it grows out - that's why it doesn't hurt to get it cut. All you can do is take good care of it now. Deep condition it a few times and then you should be good to get highlights. :) Your hair shouldn't be too damaged to get re-highlighted. Although, if you're feeling that it's on the brink of being damaged beyond repair, try a deep conditioning and see how it goes from there.

I know this sounds gross, but putting mayonaise or peanut butter in wet/conditioned hair in saran wrap for a few hours is supposed to work wonders. I've never tried with peanut butter because I don't like the smell, but the mayonaise worked amazingly. :)

Good luck!

No matter in what condition anyone's hair is, the lighter you go, the more damage you do to your hair. Waiting two weeks or two months won't really make a difference since you'll still be coloring over your existing hair. If your hair is in good condition now, and if done right, it should be alright to lighten it some more. As long as your hair is in the hands of a good colorist who knows what he/she is doing.

Don't forget to invest in a good shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair like Redken Color Extend.
just wait
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