Tuesday, December 22, 2009

911 highlight hair help! (prices!)?

So i want to get my hair done at regis salon for red and blonde highlights. it goes great with my hair but my mom wont let me get it because of the price (which she doesn't know) so my question is how much would red and blonde highlights be and how much would the monthly touch-up of my hair would be????911 highlight hair help! (prices!)?
It really depends on the area you live in as to what prices you can expect to pay. In my area, which is not heavily populated, highlights at a high class salon are approx. $45-90, depending on how many you want. Regis would be cheaper. However, Regis in a big city could run quite a bit of money. The only way to know would be to call up and ask them. A partial head of foils (mostly foiled on top section of head, underneath is left alone or has a couple of foils) would be cheaper than a full head, so that is something to consider to keep costs down. Also, highlights can typically be touched up every 1 1/2 to 2 months, without a really noticeable regrowth period, and you can typically get away with just getting a partial foil. (If you have a full head of foils, get a partial for the next 2 appointments, then another full head application the 3rd time.) Hope this helps!911 highlight hair help! (prices!)?
Well highlights start at $75 and up..meaning the length of your hair..the density..it can go up to $150..

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