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Why doesn't Locks of Love accept bleached or highlighted hair?

I was really looking forward to donating, but I guess I don't qualify, even if I color over the highlights?

Also, don't you find it rather discriminatory that they won't accept dreadlocks, or is there something about that kind of style that just can't be worked into a wig? I find that hard to believe.Why doesn't Locks of Love accept bleached or highlighted hair?
I got this information from their site...they do accept colored hair but not bleached ..if you read on it will tell you why ...


Please Note: Anyone can cut your hair as long as the guidelines listed below are followed. We encourage all of our donors to go to a salon they are already familiar with to ensure their comfort when donating.


* Hair that is colored or permed is acceptable.

* Hair cut years ago is usable if it has been stored in a ponytail or braid.

* Hair that has been bleached (usually this refers to highlighted hair) is not usable. If unsure, ask your stylist. We are not able to accept bleached hair due to a chemical reaction that occurs during the manufacturing process.

* Hair that is swept off of the floor is not usable because it is not bundled in a ponytail or braid.

* Hair that is shaved off and not in a ponytail or braid is not usable. If shaving your head, first divide hair into multiple ponytails to cut off.

* We cannot accept dreadlocks. Our manufacturer is not able to use them in our children鈥檚 hairpieces. We also cannot accept wigs, falls, hair extensions or synthetic hair.

* Layered hair is acceptable if the longest layer is 10 inches.

* Layered hair may be divided into multiple ponytails.

* Curly hair may be pulled straight to measure the minimum 10 inches.

* 10 inches measured tip to tip is the minimum length needed for a hairpiece.

Please Note:

* Shorter hair will be separated from the ponytails and sold to offset the manufacturing costs. Although the shorter hair cannot be used in the hairpieces, it still greatly helps to reduce costs.

* Gray hair will be accepted and sold to offset the manufacturing costs.

* Colored hair is not usable if it is colored over bleached hair.

Hope this was helpful ~~~Why doesn't Locks of Love accept bleached or highlighted hair?
not all dread locks are dirty, there are many methods of creating dreadlocks and cleaning them. Dreadlocks can be chemically formed, back combed into shape or the 'neglect' method - just dont brush or condition your hair for like 6 months. You can easily wash dreadlocks with specially formulated shampoo, but the second you condition them they will fall apart. Anyway, back to the point, yeah you can't donate dreadlocks or highlighted/dyed/bleached hair because it's potentially damaged.
The hair has to be virgin hair, because it is often dyed, curl or straightened to the required colour. These processes are very difficult if there are existing colours on the hair, because, coloured hair reacts differently or be severly damaged. The hair is put through a cemical process when it is colllected to take out the tangles and remove the cuticle.

Dreadlocks are not used because the hair is matted together and cannot be seperated into neat groups of strands, not because of bugs. Bugs dont live on hair they use it to grip on whilst they feed off your blood. Therefore if the hair is no attached to the head, there is no food for them, they then die.
chemically treated hair is not something they want to make human hair wigs with. they want natural hair because its easier to work with and maintain for the person who will be receiving the wig.

dreadlocks are tricky. first of all, they are dirty! i don't care what anyone says. my friend had a client who got ';bugs'; when she had dread and had to shave it! ha not fun. its not discrimination, its just you don't know what the hair has been through. the condition isn't good after the dreads have been taken out.

locks of love wants hair that has been maintained and taken care of.
The process of creating dreadlocks severely damages the hair shaft. The individual hair is extremely frail and breaks easily, same with colored treated hair.

My hubby donates 2x a year. He grows his hair until he can donate 10';, then has a salon cut off his ponytail (which I always miss). He's been doing this for 5 years now.

To make human hair wigs, the hair has to be virgin hair (untouched by chemical processes), because it's stronger and makes better looking wigs.
Bleaching damages hair, it's just not as strong or healthy. even coloring over the bleaching will not remove the damage that has been done to the hair.

As for dreadlocks, There is a much higher chance that they are unclean, or even bug-infested. they are often filled with dust just because they cannot be as throughly cleaned as regular hair.
Do u know how dirty dread locks are? When you donate your hair they dont jsut make it into a wig right away, they need to clean it and disinfect it. Dread locks, would no longer be dread locks after that... they would fall apart
i believe that they dont accept colored or treated hair because they need healthy hair to work into a wig, they don't just use one persons hair for one wig, they work a lot of different colors together from different donors.
I'd guess that because once the hair is cut... the roots will not grow out to their true color and they sould have to dye the hair constantly.

Just a guess!
because hair that is bleached is weak hair and easy to break off
I have never heard of that?? I leave it up to my hairdresser to figure those things out! ;0

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