Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wanting to highlight hair help! *pic included*?

Well my mom is pretty strict and doesn't really approve on highlighting my hair because she thinks it'll damage my hair but i only want few highlights or something new with my hair so can yu help me?

This is me:鈥?/a>

My Hair is dark brown so what color would suit me? should i get highlights or lowlights ect something that would look really cute but not drastic and any advice on how to style my hair as well?

Thanxx in advance =]Wanting to highlight hair help! *pic included*?
Since your skin eyes and hair are so dark, mainly any type of hilight will stand out quite a bit. What I'm thinking is something I've done to my hair. It's a red brown that I've gotten before and it's soooo pretty. It blends with dark hair perfectly but when light shines on it a little the red really stands out and it's sooo gorgeous. Im me or email me and I can help you more. Or check out my beauty help site to highlight hair help! *pic included*?
hey you look really pretty

are you indian, cause im bengali so

ok nevermind

well i dont think you should color it, i mean no offense but if you did it would be ugly and look like a hispanic girl's hair(no offense) but they color it too much..

anyways i think your hair color suits you, but if you wanted a change i guess you can do light brown, that looks elegant not cheap
I think burgundy would be really cute in your hair.
Your question is not relevant. I am blocked from seeing your picture.
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Get lowlights. And layer it A LOT. The lowlights should be Dark Red. You would look good with some red!
I would use a violet-red color in your hair. Your hair is dark enough to pull this off without it being too drastic. It would make your hair look more ';rich'; looking.
I think black highlights (or lowlights) would look great without being too drastic.
Start with some blonde highlights. If it's too much you can tone in some red. You will be even MORE beautiful!

dont get highlights!!!!! get low-lights or reverse highlights they are darker than your actual hair and looks great!
I would say any color, only beautiful women can really look great in dark hair and you do, anyone can look good blond
First let me say that you're beautiful. I think some light brown highlights would look good. Very light brown, almost, but not really blond because you have darker hair.
i would get some light caramel highlights, and as far as styling goes, i might get some layers, and some thinning-out.
Very pretty girl. I love doing highlights in my hair, so i suggest that you do either blond not too blond, or more perferct reddish highlights. The red it so perfect for Christmas and New years. Try it and send me a pic, i know you gonna look so pretty.
Dark Burgundy streaks will look great...have a layer cut.
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