Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The best make-up for blue eyes with blonde highlighted hair?

Hola eveyone! I watched tons of videos and photos but I still haven't find the best make-up for blue eyes n blonde hair.

My eyes are light blue and my hair is medium blonde with light blond highlights.

Please help me out.Send a picture if you find,video,anything.

PS. I also want a daytime make-up.

Thanks everybody,I am waiting for your answers!

KissesThe best make-up for blue eyes with blonde highlighted hair?
I have blue eyes and blonde hair too :]

I use iced coffee eye shadow duo by neutrogenia and put the lightest color on my eye lid... then I put black eyeliner on the bottom part of my eye only... you can use brown too but I like black... then I use black mascara...

for lips i put burts bees chapstick on and a light layer of sugar and cream lip gloss by mary kayThe best make-up for blue eyes with blonde highlighted hair?
im a blue eyed blonde too , with blonde highlights .

my modeling teacher used to tell me to wear dark brown eyeliner %26amp;%26amp; dark brown mascara . use one coat only of the top and bottom lashes . (i use define a lash in the pink tube :D) i have experimented with green %26amp; blue eyeliner -- theyre okayy (: also , be sure to use a moisturizer , cause no matter what it makes yr skin look softer . i use a light foundation and lip gloss to finish it off %26lt;3 good luck .

She's not blonde but she is a master with makeup!!!

As far as makeup for blue/blonde. I have blonde hair and gold (like a cats) eyes, but I sometimes wear sapphire blue contacts. Wear bronze colors and some deep blues in the crease. Go to Almay's website. They make ';i-color'; shadows for diff eye colors. I love em. I think it's or somethin.
foundation for evening out skin tone, powder for setting foundation, concealer for covering up any zits, blush for color.

eyeshadow of your choice.

black mascara %26amp; black eyeliner on the waterline

watch youtube videos on tutorials for tips.

good luck
I'm blond with blue eyes and i wear blue and black eyeliner or at the top or the botom of my eye. If blue botom lide then black on the upper lide. vis versa

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