Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Should I highlight my hair?

I have naturally light brown hair with auburnish highlights, green eyes, and a really pale complexion. Unfortunately, I dont have naturally rosy pink cheeks. I want to get my hair highlighted with some dark or medium goldish/blonde highlights. Would this color work for me? Or would it wash me out completely?Also, I got a perm months ago and the curls didnt last. Now its just made my hair even thicker and harder to deal with. With the chemicals still intact, would it be safe to highlight?Should I highlight my hair?

my hair broke and I had to cut it all off! You have to wait for the perm to grow out completely. You can color your hair but be careful with highlights!Should I highlight my hair?
yes you should because i did it and i was a guy magnet my friends asked me how do i do it i said its all about the highlights it makes you look cute and with the yellow or gold in your hair it will look awesome my friend had brow hair and she put yellow or god in her hair and it work for her and my hair is also brown with yellow highlights in it
It's damaging but sure go ahead. You won't notice until you about fourty how much you screwed it up.
I would probably give your hair a break. Seems like it could be a little stressed out due to all the chemicals. I would wait about 5 months before trying anything else chemical wise with it. Give it some time to get hydrated and repair. But if you have pale skin I wouldn't want to go too light, for it will wash you out. Maybe try going a little bit darker with some red hints in it. That would probably do wonders for your pale skin and green eyes. Hope I helped out.
i wouldnt highlight it.... maybe wait a while until your hair is safe from the chemicals, and then try. if it looks bad, then just dye it back to the way it was before i guess. personally, i dont think gold/blonde highlights would look natural with your hair color and complexion. but if you want to, go ahead and try it. you never know
do what your heart desires.

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